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Movie Jam and 2011

2011-02-01 00:36:01 by dirtshake

First off if you haven't already, go check out The BloodQueef Anthology!!! It was Team ToeJam's submission for the recent Game Jam that took place! The team consisted of me, JazLyte, JordanD, and Rig. We animated three stories by bloodqueef. I had a lot of fun working with everyone even though I was a shit team member and decided to get sick during the weekend and couldn't contribute as much as I wanted or planned to. Sorry.


In other news, 2011 is here and I have big plans for myself. So far the year has been great! I've declared my major as Political Science, I'm pledging a fraternity, and I've got a lot of great goals and ideas that I plan to see through by the end of the year. Flash-wise, it may be difficult getting some of my newer movies started, including an awesome Pico Day movie I wrote out, but by summer I should have time to get some things started and finished. Instead of getting things started though, I also want to try to finish some of the animations that have been on hold for months, even though some of them shouldn't see the light of day.

I've also been working on some web comic ideas that I want to get serious on. I recently took a class just for fun on web comics (got an A!) and I found that I really really really enjoyed making them. I've had some stories stuck in my head for years that I would love to see get out there somehow, and a web comic is the perfect place to do that. I'm even toying with the idea of staring my own site if I truly get serious about my own comic, though that is a long term goal that will wait to see if I can actually keep up an update schedule for a comic. Its hard to do that with school and all.

In conclusion, go check out the above link!!!


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